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7th December 2015 - Linking To The Apple iTunes Store by Graham Needham
Things have changed in the world of iTunes Store links and not for the better. Traditional iTunes Store album/single links no longer work properly - if you sell music on the iTunes Store you will most likely be losing sales! Old style iTunes Store links no longer go… (read full blog posting)

8th August 2015 - 808 The Movie at 8.08pm on 8/08 (2015) by Graham Needham
The 8th Of August is known as #808day – a celebration of the legendary Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer / drum machine. The 8th of August 2015 was a very spec… (read full blog posting)

5th May 2015 - WWRDB Network Open To The Public To Enter Data by Graham Needham
We are proud to announce that as of the 5th May 2015 the WWRDB (World Wide Re… (read full blog posting)

13th December 2013 - Launching my dream… by Graham Needham
It was 21 years ago when I first created CyberNoise - a printed magazine stuffed with information about electronic music artists and releases. There were other magazines and fanzines around but they mainly dealt with reviews and interview… (read full blog posting)

21st September 2013 - My Second Music Revelation 25 Years Ago Today by Graham Needham
My first musical revelation was in the very early eighties before I was barely 10 years old when I fell in love with electronic music. Being that young I only really had access to mainstream radio (BBC Radio 1 in the UK) and a weekly mus… (read full blog posting)

27th June 2013 - Did Amazon (UK) Just Make You A Criminal? by Graham Needham
So, Amazon UK launched their AutoRip service in the UK this week. Basically it's an automated service where you buy some music from Am… (read full blog posting)