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Chris And Cosey Discography


Chris And Cosey Heartbeat Album primary image cover photoHeartbeat18 November 1981view icon
Chris And Cosey Trance Album primary image cover photoTranceMay 1982view icon
Chris And Cosey Songs Of Love & Lust Album primary image cover photoSongs Of Love & LustJanuary 1984view icon
Take Five [selection/best of]1986view icon
Chris And Cosey Technø Primitiv Album primary image cover photoTechnø Primitiv24 January 1986view icon
Allotropy1987view icon
Action [live]1987view icon
ExotikaOctober 1987view icon
Collectiv Two - The Best Of Chris & Cosey [selection/best of]1989view icon
TrustSeptember 1989view icon
Chris And Cosey Collectiv Three - An Elemental Rendevous Album primary image cover photoCollectiv Three - An Elemental Rendevous [selection/best of]1990view icon
Collectiv Four - Archive Recordings [selection/best of]1990view icon
Reflection [selection/best of]February 1990view icon
Chris And Cosey Pagan Tango Album primary image cover photoPagan TangoApril 1991view icon
Muzik FantastiqueOctober 1992view icon
Twist1995view icon
Skimble SkambleOctober 1996view icon
Union [live]September 1999view icon
Essential Chris & Cosey [selection/best of]November 2001view icon
Chris And Cosey C&C Luchtball Album primary image cover photoC&C LuchtballMay 2003view icon
Collected Works 1981 - 2000 [selection/best of]2006view icon


Chris And Cosey and John Duncan
1982view icon
Chris And Cosey October (Love Song) Single primary image cover photoOctober (Love Song)April 1983view icon
Sweet SurpriseDecember 1985view icon
ObsessionAugust 1987view icon
ExotikaOctober 1987view icon
RiseJuly 1989view icon
SynaesthesiaApril 1991view icon
Chris And Cosey Passion Single primary image cover photoPassionDecember 1991view icon
C + C Musik1995view icon


Chris And Cosey | Minimal Compact (split release)
Night Shift / The Wandering Song
1983view icon


Chris & Cosey Live Vol.1 [live]1996view icon

Music Videos

October (Love Song)1982view icon
Rise1989view icon
Synaesthesia1991view icon

Documentary Films

Electric Independence2011view icon

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