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John Foxx Discography


Electronic Sound Presents 12 Original Tracks By John Foxxunknownview icon
John Foxx Metamatic Album primary image cover photoMetamatic18 January 1980view icon
John Foxx [selection/best of]1981view icon
The GardenSeptember 1981view icon
The Golden SectionSeptember 1983view icon
In Mysterious WaysSeptember 1985view icon
Assembly [selection/best of]June 1992view icon
Cathedral OceansMarch 1997view icon
Modern Art – Best Of [selection/best of]June 2001view icon
Cathedral Oceans 1 & 2June 2003view icon
John Foxx & Harold Budd
Translucence And Drift Music
August 2003view icon
Cathedral Oceans 3August 2005view icon
The Hidden Man2006view icon
Tiny Colour MoviesJune 2006view icon
Metal BeatOctober 2007view icon
A New Kind Of Man [live]April 2008view icon
Glimmer: The Best Of John Foxx [selection/best of]September 2008view icon
John Foxx / Steve Dagostino / Steve Jansen
A Secret Life
23 March 2009view icon
In The Glow [live]October 2009view icon
My Lost CityMarch 2010view icon
Quiet ManMarch 2010view icon
D.N.A.March 2010view icon
Metatronic [selection/best of]May 2010view icon
John Foxx & Robin Guthrie
September 2010view icon
The Complete Cathedral Oceans [selection/best of]October 2010view icon
John Foxx and Theo Travis
Torn Sunset
June 2011view icon
John Foxx & Harold Budd
Nighthawks + Translucence + Drift Music
July 2011view icon
Metadelic [selection/best of]2013view icon
B-Movie2014view icon
John Foxx Evidence Of Time Travel Album primary image cover photoJohn Foxx & Steve D'Agostino
Evidence Of Time Travel
6 October 2014view icon
London Overgrown30 March 2015view icon
20th Century: The Noise [selection/best of]6 July 2015view icon
Burning Car28 January 2016view icon
21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City [selection/best of]29 April 2016view icon
John Foxx Concrete And Organised Noise Album primary image cover photoConcrete And Organised Noise [selection/best of]24 January 2020view icon
Concrete and Organised Noise24 January 2020view icon

Box Sets

Cinemascope [selection/best of]December 2008view icon


A New Kind Of Man1979view icon
Underpass4 January 1980view icon
No One Driving21 March 1980view icon
Burning Car11 July 1980view icon
Miles AwayNovember 1980view icon
Europe After The RainAugust 1981view icon
Dancing Like A GunOctober 1981view icon
Endlessly (1st Release)1982view icon
Endlessly (2nd Release)July 1983view icon
Your DressSeptember 1983view icon
Like A Miracle1984view icon
The Stars On FireJune 1985view icon
Enter The AngelSeptember 1985view icon
Mr No2004view icon
Underpass (Remix)20 April 2013view icon


My FaceOctober 1980view icon


John Foxx1989view icon
Cathedreal Oceans2003view icon
In The Glow Madrid 1983 [live]2013view icon

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