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Juno Reactor Discography


Transmissions18 October 1993view icon
Luciana4 July 1994view icon
Beyond The Infinite28 August 1995view icon
Juno Reactor Bible Of Dreams Album primary image cover photoBible Of Dreams18 June 1997view icon
Shango9 October 2000view icon
Odyssey 1992-2002 [selection/best of]4 March 2003view icon
Labyrinth26 October 2004view icon
Gods & Monsters22 April 2008view icon
Inside The Reactor [selection/best of]12 July 2011view icon
From The Land Of The Rising Sun - Inside The Reactor II [selection/best of]20 March 2012view icon
Juno Reactor The Golden Sun Of The Great East Album primary image cover photoThe Golden Sun Of The Great East23 April 2013view icon
The Golden Sun… Remixed5 June 2015view icon
Juno Reactor & The Mutant Theatre
The Mutant Theatre
2018view icon


Laughing Gas27 September 1993view icon
High Energy Protons16 May 1994view icon
Guardian AngelOctober 1995view icon
Juno Reactor | Cubanate (split release)
The Journey Kontinues / Oxyacetylene [soundtrack]
1996view icon
Samurai10 September 1996view icon
Conga Fury21 October 1996view icon
Jungle High1997view icon
Juno Reactor God Is God Single primary image cover photoGod Is GodJune 1997view icon
Pistolero6 September 1999view icon
Nitrogen2000view icon
Masters Of The Universe10 July 2001view icon
Hotaka19 November 2002view icon
The Zwara EP26 November 2003view icon
Inside The Reactor II.I18 April 2012view icon
Final Frontier2 April 2013view icon
Juno Reactor Our World Single primary image cover photoJuno Reactor & The Mutant Theatre
Our World
30 June 2017view icon


Shango Tour 2001 [live]25 July 2001view icon
Audio Visual ExperienceAugust 2007view icon

Music Videos

Ozora 201614 September 2016view icon

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