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M83 Discography


M83 imaginarytownofthegalaxy Album primary image cover photoimaginarytownofthegalaxy1998view icon
M83 M83 Album primary image cover photoM832001view icon
M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts Album primary image cover photoDead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts14 April 2003view icon
M83 Before The Dawn Heals Us Album primary image cover photoBefore The Dawn Heals Us25 January 2005view icon
Digital Shades2007view icon
Saturdays = Youth11 April 2008view icon
M83 Hurry Up, We're Dreaming Album primary image cover photoHurry Up, We're Dreaming14 October 2011view icon
M83 Oblivion {2013} Album primary image cover photoOblivion {2013} [soundtrack]2013view icon
M83 Les Recontres D'Après Minuit / You And The Night Album primary image cover photoLes Recontres D'Après Minuit / You And The Night [soundtrack]18 November 2013view icon
Junk8 April 2016view icon
M83 Knife + Heart Album primary image cover photoKnife + Heart [soundtrack]8 March 2019view icon
M83 DSVII Album primary image cover photoDSVII20 September 2019view icon


Teen Angst6 June 2005view icon
M83 Black Hole Single primary image cover photoBlack Hole [soundtrack]5 July 2010view icon
M83 Midnight City Single primary image cover photoMidnight City10 October 2011view icon
M83 OK Pal Single primary image cover photoOK Pal2012view icon
M83 Steve McQueen Single primary image cover photoSteve McQueen2012view icon
M83 Reunion Single primary image cover photoReunion5 February 2012view icon
Mirror21 April 2012view icon
Jean-Michel Jarre Glory Single primary image cover photoJean-Michel Jarre & M83
15 May 2015view icon
Do It, Try ItApril 2016view icon
M83 featuring Mai Lan
16 September 2016view icon
Road Blaster (Remixes)9 December 2016view icon

Music Videos

Do It, Try It (David Wilson Version)14 August 2017view icon
Temple Of Sorrow5 September 2019view icon
Lune De Fiel12 September 2019view icon
Feelings19 September 2019view icon

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