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Peter Gabriel Discography


Peter Gabriel 1 (Car) Album primary image cover photo1 (Car)25 February 1977view icon
Peter Gabriel 2 (Scratch) Album primary image cover photo2 (Scratch)2 June 1978view icon
Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt) Album primary image cover photo3 (Melt)30 May 1980view icon
Peter Gabriel 4 (Security) Album primary image cover photo4 (Security)6 September 1982view icon
Peter Gabriel Plays Live Album primary image cover photoPlays Live [live]8 June 1983view icon
Peter Gabriel Birdy Album primary image cover photoBirdy [soundtrack]18 March 1985view icon
Peter Gabriel So Album primary image cover photoSo19 May 1986view icon
Peter Gabriel Passion: Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ Album primary image cover photoPassion: Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ [soundtrack]5 June 1989view icon
Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats Album primary image cover photoShaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats [selection/best of]19 November 1990view icon
Peter Gabriel Us Album primary image cover photoUs28 September 1992view icon
Peter Gabriel Secret World Live Album primary image cover photoSecret World Live [live]29 August 1994view icon
Peter Gabriel OVO Album primary image cover photoOVO [soundtrack]12 June 2000view icon
Peter Gabriel Long Walk Home Album primary image cover photoLong Walk Home [soundtrack]15 April 2002view icon
Peter Gabriel Up Album primary image cover photoUp23 September 2002view icon
Peter Gabriel Hit Album primary image cover photoHit [selection/best of]3 November 2003view icon
Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back Album primary image cover photoScratch My Back12 February 2010view icon
Peter Gabriel New Blood Album primary image cover photoNew Blood10 October 2011view icon
Live Blood [live]23 April 2012view icon
Peter Gabriel And I'll Scratch Yours Album primary image cover photoAnd I'll Scratch Yours18 September 2013view icon
Back To Front: Live In London [live]23 June 2014view icon
Peter Gabriel Growing Up Live Album primary image cover photoGrowing Up Live [live]8 February 2019view icon
Peter Gabriel Rated PG Album primary image cover photoRated PG [selection/best of]13 April 2019view icon
Peter Gabriel Flotsam And Jetsam Album primary image cover photoFlotsam And Jetsam [selection/best of]13 September 2019view icon
Peter Gabriel Live In Athens 1987 Album primary image cover photoLive In Athens 1987 [live]16 October 2020view icon


Modern Love1977view icon
Solsbury Hill1 April 1977view icon
D.I.Y.1978view icon
Biko1980view icon
I Don't Remember1980view icon
Games Without Frontiers4 February 1980view icon
No Self Control2 May 1980view icon
Shock The Monkey1982view icon
I Have The Touch1982view icon
I Go Swimming [live]1983view icon
Walk Through The Fire [soundtrack]1984view icon
Sledgehammer1986view icon
Peter Gabriel with Kate Bush
Don't Give Up
1986view icon
Big Time1986view icon
That Voice Again1986view icon
In Your Eyes2 September 1986view icon
Red Rain1987view icon
Biko [live]1987view icon
Youssou N'Dour & Peter Gabriel
Shaking The Tree
1989view icon
Solsbury Hill / Shaking The Tree1990view icon
Here Comes The Flood (1990)1990view icon
Digging In The Dirt1992view icon
Steam1992view icon
Come Talk To Me1992view icon
Peter Gabriel with Sinead O'Connor
Blood Of Eden
1993view icon
Kiss That Frog1993view icon
Secret World1993view icon
SW Live EP [live]1994view icon
Sledgehammer (Live) [live]1994view icon
Red Rain (Live) [live]1994view icon
Lovetown [soundtrack]30 May 1994view icon
The Barry Williams Show2002view icon
More Than This2002view icon
Cloudless [soundtrack]2002view icon
Solsbury Hill {2002 Release}2002view icon
Growing Up2003view icon
Darkness (Remixes)2004view icon
Burn You Up, Burn You Down2004view icon
Down To Earth2008view icon
Peter Gabriel | Stephin Merritt (split release)
The Book Of Love / Not One Of Us
April 2010view icon
Courage1 November 2013view icon
Peter Gabriel I'm Amazing Single primary image cover photoI'm Amazing17 June 2016view icon
The Veil9 September 2016view icon

Tour Recordings

Summer 2003 [live]2003view icon
The Encore Series 2004 [live]2004view icon
The Warm Up Tour • Summer 07 [live]2007view icon
2009 [live]2009view icon
Back To Front Encore Series 2012 [live]2012view icon


Peter Gabriel | Tony Banks (split release)
Promo Sampler [selection/best of]
1983view icon
Peter Gabriel | Tony Banks (split release)
Peter Gabriel (The Mail) [selection/best of]
2007view icon


CV [selection/best of]1987view icon
POV [live]1990view icon
All About Us [selection/best of]1993view icon
Secret World Live [live]1994view icon
Growing Up Live [live]2003view icon
Play [selection/best of]2004view icon
Still Growing Up: Live & Unwrapped [live]2005view icon
New Blood: Live In London [live]6 September 2011view icon
Live In Athens 1987 [live]2013view icon

Music Videos

The Veil14 September 2016view icon
Solsbury Hill (Live DNA)2 March 2017view icon
Everybird12 July 2019view icon

Documentary Films

A Family Portrait – A Film By Anna Gabriel2004view icon

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