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Xorcist Discography


From The Hip1989view icon
Damned Souls1991view icon
Xorcist | Non-Aggression Pact (split release)
Repossessed / Non-Aggression Pact
1992view icon
Phantoms1994view icon
Soul Reflection1997view icon
Nomad1999view icon
Insects And Angels2000view icon
MUTED (The Instrumental Versions)7 May 2017view icon
Soundtrack: Bad Mojo Disc 17 May 2017view icon
Soundtrack: Bad Mojo Disc 27 May 2017view icon
Soundtrack Series: Masked Films7 May 2017view icon
Xorcist God Album primary image cover photoGod23 January 2018view icon
Soundtrack Series: SCORES25 February 2018view icon


Bitches1993view icon
Scorched Blood1996view icon
Xorcist Rise Single primary image cover photoRise3 January 2018view icon
Calling Occupants29 May 2018view icon
Thoughts + Prayers4 September 2018view icon
34 Degrees... AND BACK25 February 2019view icon


Xorcist Mysteries Of Love (The Vocaloid Experience) Download primary image cover photoMysteries Of Love (The Vocaloid Experience)15 September 2017view icon
Xorcist Lesion Download primary image cover photoLesion19 January 2019view icon
Xorcist Summertime Waves Download primary image cover photoSummertime Waves21 January 2019view icon
Xorcist Silent Running [MATER SUSPIRIA VISION remix] Download primary image cover photoSilent Running [MATER SUSPIRIA VISION remix]5 February 2019view icon
Xorcist Disease Download primary image cover photoDisease25 February 2019view icon
Xorcist SBMD: Lotar Underground Download primary image cover photoSBMD: Lotar Underground4 September 2019view icon

Music Videos

Bad Mojo13 May 2012view icon
Mysteries Of Love (2017 - MMD Sources - Original Vocaloid)14 September 2017view icon
Thoughts + Prayers3 September 2018view icon
Revolt31 December 2018view icon
Lesion (2016 HD Version)16 January 2019view icon
Lesion16 January 2019view icon
L'Assassin5 April 2019view icon
RISE5 April 2019view icon
Summertime Waves24 May 2019view icon
UNITE17 June 2019view icon

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