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Christopher Young Discography (Studio Albums)


Kevin Kiner / Christopher Young
Madison [soundtrack]
unknownview icon
Pranks [soundtrack]1982view icon
The Power [soundtrack]1984view icon
Def-Con 4 [soundtrack]1985view icon
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge [soundtrack]1985view icon
Hellraiser [soundtrack]1987view icon
Bat 21 [soundtrack]1988view icon
Hellbound: Hellraiser II [soundtrack]1988view icon
The Fly II [soundtrack]1989view icon
Haunted Summer [soundtrack]1989view icon
Hider In The House [soundtrack]1990view icon
Bright Angel [soundtrack]1991view icon
Max And Helen [soundtrack]1991view icon
Rapid Fire [soundtrack]1992view icon
Jennifer 8 [soundtrack]1992view icon
The Vagrant [soundtrack]1992view icon
The Dark Half [soundtrack]1993view icon
Cinema Septet [soundtrack]1993view icon
Dream Lover [soundtrack]1994view icon
Murder In The First [soundtrack]1995view icon
Species [soundtrack]1995view icon
Virtuosity [soundtrack]1995view icon
Copycat [soundtrack]1995view icon
Tales From The Hood [soundtrack]1995view icon
Judical Consent [soundtrack]1995view icon
Unforgettable [soundtrack]1996view icon
Set It Off [soundtrack]1996view icon
Norma Jean And Marilyn [soundtrack]1996view icon
Head Above Water [soundtrack]1996view icon
Murder At 1600 [soundtrack]1997view icon
The Man Who Knew Too Little [soundtrack]1997view icon
Hard Rain [soundtrack]1998view icon
Hush [soundtrack]1998view icon
Rounders [soundtrack]1998view icon
Urban Legend [soundtrack]1998view icon
Entrapment [soundtrack]1999view icon
In Too Deep [soundtrack]1999view icon
The Big Kahuna [soundtrack]1999view icon
The Hurricane [soundtrack]1999view icon
Bless The Child [soundtrack]2000view icon
Judas Kiss [soundtrack]2000view icon
Swordfish [soundtrack]2001view icon
The Gift {2000} [soundtrack]2001view icon
The Glass House [soundtrack]2001view icon
Sweet November [soundtrack]2001view icon
Bandits [soundtrack]2001view icon
The Shipping News [soundtrack]2001view icon
The Country Bears [soundtrack]2001view icon
The Core [soundtrack]2003view icon
Runaway Jury [soundtrack]2003view icon
The Grudge {2004} [soundtrack]2004view icon
Shade [soundtrack]2004view icon
The Tower [soundtrack]2004view icon
The Devil And Daniel Webster [soundtrack]2005view icon
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose [soundtrack]2005view icon
The Grudge 2 [soundtrack]2006view icon
An Unfinished Life [soundtrack]2006view icon
Ghost Rider [soundtrack]2007view icon
Sleepwalking [soundtrack]2008view icon
Lucky You [soundtrack]2008view icon
Something The Lord Made [soundtrack]2008view icon
Scenes Of The Crime [soundtrack]2008view icon
Untraceable [soundtrack]2008view icon
The Uninvited [soundtrack]2009view icon
Drag Me To Hell [soundtrack]2009view icon
Creation: The Story Of Charles Darwin [soundtrack]2009view icon
Love Happens [soundtrack]2009view icon
The Black Tulip [soundtrack]2010view icon
The Rum Diary [soundtrack]2010view icon
Priest [soundtrack]2011view icon
To Spain With Love [soundtrack]2011view icon
Sinister [soundtrack]2012view icon
Deliver Us From Evil [soundtrack]2014view icon
The Monkey King [soundtrack]2015view icon
Killing Season [soundtrack]2015view icon


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