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Getting Away With Murder [Album]

Worldwide Digital Album
released via ~self released~ with no catalogue number

Leæther Strip Getting Away With Murder  Digital Album n/a product image photo cover
Format: Digital Album info icon - Digital Audio info icon
Country of origin: Worldwide
Label: ~self released~
Catalogue number: n/a
EAN/barcode: no barcode or currently unknown
Release date: 24th August 2013
Limited Edition: No
Promotional item: No
Counterfeit/Bootleg/Unofficial: No
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Track Listing:

Item - Side - #Track TitleTypeLengthInformationViewBuy
1 - x - 1Tears Of Stone (Confinement Tour Intro)Digital Audio FLAC 16-bit2:55view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 2No Rest For The Wicked (No Vox Version)Digital Audio FLAC 16-bit5:30view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 3Dreaming (Two Track Demo 1982)Digital Audio FLAC 16-bit4:15view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 4Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival (Two Track Demo 1984)Digital Audio FLAC 16-bit4:31view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 5Satanic CitizenDigital Audio FLAC 16-bit6:01view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 6Touchdown Breakdown [Live - Batschkapp, Frankfurt 1990]Digital Audio FLAC 16-bit3:35view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 7Crash Flight 232Digital Audio FLAC 16-bit4:40view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 8Zyklon BDigital Audio FLAC 16-bit5:48view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 9Leæther Strip Part 2 (Re-animated)Digital Audio FLAC 16-bit6:18view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 10MurderDigital Audio FLAC 16-bit4:10view iconbuy icon

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