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After The Devastation [Album]

Belgian limited edition Box Set
released via Alfa Matrix with catalogue number AM 2065TCD

Leæther Strip After The Devastation Belgian CD AM 2065TCD product image photo cover
Format: Box Set
Country of origin: Belgium
Label: Alfa Matrix
Catalogue number: AM 2065TCD
EAN/barcode: no barcode or currently unknown
Release date: 13th January 2006
Limited Edition: Yes
Promotional item: No
Counterfeit/Bootleg/Unofficial: No


triple CD box set

Track Listing:

Item - Side - #Track TitleTypeLengthInformationViewBuy
1 - x - 1The Shame Of A Nation (Album Edit)Digital Audio CD5:05view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 2Back In ControlDigital Audio CD5:52view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 3Death Is Walking Next To Me (Album Edit)Digital Audio CD5:50view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 4A BoyDigital Audio CD4:48view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 5Dying Is Easy, Life Is Harder (Daddy Please Love Me)Digital Audio CD5:15view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 6Sleep Is Only HeartbreakDigital Audio CD5:54view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 7SlamDigital Audio CD4:07view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 8SmerteDigital Audio CD5:00view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 9Happy Pills (Gimme Gimme)Digital Audio CD4:40view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 10Rip Like Cat ClawsDigital Audio CD5:19view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 11What If…Digital Audio CD5:09view iconbuy icon
1 - x - 12Inner ExplorationDigital Audio CD11:18view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 1Gaza Strip (March Of The Innocent)Digital Audio CD6:15view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 2Suicide Bombers (Album Edit)Digital Audio CD3:47view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 3Cardiac Arrest (2006)Digital Audio CD7:04view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 4Empty SpaceDigital Audio CD4:46view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 5Junkie Do - Junkie DieDigital Audio CD4:41view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 6HomophobiaDigital Audio CD5:34view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 7This Is Where I Wanna Be (Album Edit)Digital Audio CD5:09view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 8One Man's Gain Another Man's PainDigital Audio CD4:22view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 9Give Us Some Shelter (Katrina)Digital Audio CD4:58view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 10One For One For OneDigital Audio CD5:31view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 11I Was Born That DayDigital Audio CD3:53view iconbuy icon
2 - x - 12Leæther Strip Part 3 (Symphony For Kurt)Digital Audio CD13:43view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 1ÆftershockDigital Audio CD4:50view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 2What If… (Classical Version)Digital Audio CD7:23view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 3Homophobia (Gay Pride Version)Digital Audio CD6:51view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 4The Shame Of A Nation (Roadside Bomb Version)Digital Audio CD8:28view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 5Back In Control (Born The 13th Version)Digital Audio CD6:06view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 6Slam (Fist Fight At Tekno Club Mix)Digital Audio CD6:08view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 7A Boy (Teenage Sex Slave Mix)Digital Audio CD5:47view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 8Empty Space (New Romantics Version)Digital Audio CD7:49view iconbuy icon
3 - x - 9I Was Born That Day (Rest In Peace Bob Moog Version)Digital Audio CD5:34view iconbuy icon

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