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Upcoming New Releases

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The Heartwood InstituteBurgh MarshAlbum29 May 2017view iconbuy icon
Steven SeverinBlack Matter For The KingAlbum31 May 2017view iconbuy icon
AutodafehThe Vintage CollectionSelection/Best OfJune 2017view iconbuy icon
Lords Of AcidPretty In KinkAlbumJune 2017view iconbuy icon
Lords Of AcidNumber 69SingleJune 2017view iconbuy icon
All Time LowLast Young RenegadeAlbum2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Elkie BrooksPearls - The Very Best OfAlbum2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Sheryl CrowBe MyselfAlbum2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Funker VogtCode Of ConductAlbum2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
KissKISSWORLD - The Best Of KissSelection/Best Of2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Bob MarleyExodus 40Selection/Best Of2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
MarnieStrange Words And Weird WarsAlbum2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Roger WatersIs This The Life We Really Want?Album2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Status QuoSingles Boxset: 1980 - 1984Selection/Best Of2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Lucifer's AidControl YourselfSingle2 June 2017view iconbuy icon
KhostGovernanceAlbum5 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Ace Of BaseFlowersAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
alt-JRelaxerAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
The Birthday MassacreUnder Your SpellAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Cigarettes After SexCigarettes After SexAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Dawn Of AshesDaemonolatry GnosisAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
The DreamingFrom The AshesAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
HexheartMidnight On A Moonless NightAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
London GrammarTruth Is A Beautiful ThingAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
MildredaCowardsAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
NickelbackFeed The MachineAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Katy PerryWitnessAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Ben Salisbury & Geoff BarrowFree FireSoundtrack9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
SoulwaxFrom DeeweeAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
TindersticksMinute Bodies - The Intimate World Of F. Percy SmithAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
ToraTake A RestAlbum9 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Fleet FoxesCrack-UpAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
LordeMelodramaAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Moby & The Void Pacific ChoirTO BE CONFIRMED - More Fast Songs About The ApocalypseAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Alison MoyetOtherAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Noisuf-XBanzaiAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
RideWeather DiariesAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
S.I. BeggBlueprintsAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
The StrypesSpitting ImageAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
StyxThe MissionAlbum16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Paul CarrackOriginal Album Collection Volume 2 (2007-2013)Selection/Best Of16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Simple MindsAcoustic In ConcertLive Recording16 June 2017view iconbuy icon
AengeldustAgent OrangeAlbum23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Joe BonamassaLive At Carnegie Hall - An Acoustic EveningLive Recording23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Die FormBaroque EquinoxAlbum23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Imagine DragonsEvolveAlbum23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Pointer SistersAutomatic: The Best OfSelection/Best Of23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
The Tear GardenThe Brown Acid CaveatAlbum23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
The Three DegreesWhen Will I See You Again: The Best OfSelection/Best Of23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
ZZ TopCinco: The First Five LPsSelection/Best Of23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
K.M.F.D.M.YEAH !Single23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Schwarzblut vs Saeldes SancWildes HerzSingle23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Studio-X vs TechnoidNeural TormentSingle23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Joe BonamassaLive At Carnegie Hall - An Acoustic EveningLive Recording23 June 2017view iconbuy icon
EuropeThe Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show - Live At The RoundhouseLive Recording30 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Steven SeverinThe Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (Alternative Score #4)Album30 June 2017view iconbuy icon
EuropeThe Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show - Live At The RoundhouseLive Recording30 June 2017view iconbuy icon
Bill ConverseThe Shape Of Things To ComeAlbum3 July 2017view iconbuy icon
The BeatlesIt Was Fifty Years Ago Today! The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper & BeyondDocumentary Film3 July 2017view iconbuy icon
KlutæBlack PiranhaAlbum6 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Black GrapePop VoodooAlbum7 July 2017view iconbuy icon
HaimSomething To Tell YouAlbum7 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Mr. BigDefying GravityAlbum7 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Public Serving BroadcastEvery ValleyAlbum7 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Steven SeverinUn Chant D'Amour (Alternative Score #5)Album11 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Lena PlatonosSun Masks Remix EPSingle11 July 2017view iconbuy icon
LaibachAlso Sprach ZarathustraAlbum14 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Little StevenSoulfireAlbum14 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Alice CooperParanormalAlbum28 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Calvin HarrisFunk Wav Bounces Vol.1Album28 July 2017view iconbuy icon
10 C.C.Before, During, After: The Story Of 10ccSelection/Best Of28 July 2017view iconbuy icon
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkIsotypeSingle28 July 2017view iconbuy icon
LiarsTO BE CONFIRMED - T F C FAlbumAugust 2017view iconbuy icon
Gary NumanTO BE CONFIRMED - SavageAlbumAugust 2017view iconbuy icon
FerrochromeMedusa WaterAlbum4 August 2017view iconbuy icon
SeemingSOLAlbum4 August 2017view iconbuy icon
5 Billion In Diamonds5 Billion In DiamondsAlbum11 August 2017view iconbuy icon
God ModuleDoes This Stuff Freak You Out?Selection/Best Of18 August 2017view iconbuy icon
Steven WilsonTo The BoneAlbum18 August 2017view iconbuy icon
MogwaiEvery Country's SunAlbum1 September 2017view iconbuy icon
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkThe Punishment Of LuxuryAlbum1 September 2017view iconbuy icon
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkTO BE CONFIRMED - single 2 of 3SingleSeptember 2017view iconbuy icon
The NationalSleep Well BeastAlbum8 September 2017view iconbuy icon
The SparksHippopotamusAlbum8 September 2017view iconbuy icon
Fall Out BoyManiaAlbum15 September 2017view iconbuy icon
CoilA Cold Cell In BangkokSingle15 September 2017view iconbuy icon
MadonnaRebel Heart TourLive Recording15 September 2017view iconbuy icon
The RasmusDark MattersAlbum22 September 2017view iconbuy icon
Tangerine DreamQuantum GateAlbum24 September 2017view iconbuy icon
HurtsDesireAlbum29 September 2017view iconbuy icon
D.A.F.DAS IST DAFSelection/Best Of29 September 2017view iconbuy icon
Leonard CohenYou Want It DarkerAlbum21 October 2017view iconbuy icon
a-haAn Acoustic Evening With a-haLive RecordingNovember 2017view iconbuy icon
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkTO BE CONFIRMED - single 3 of 3SingleNovember 2017view iconbuy icon
Trent Reznor & Atticus RossVietnam WarSoundtrackNovember 2017view iconbuy icon
a-haAn Acoustic Evening With a-haLive RecordingNovember 2017view iconbuy icon
Weird Al YankovicSqueeze Box: The Complete Works of “Weird Al” YankovicSelection/Best Of24 November 2017view iconbuy icon
Acretongue TO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Christopher AntonConnectedAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
AttritionTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
AutodafehBerserkerAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Black AsteroidTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Carpenter BrutLiveLive Recording2017view iconbuy icon
CollideColor Of NothingAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
ConcretismTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Chris ConnellyJACKIETOWNAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
The DamnedTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
DestroidTO BE CONFIRMED - Find What You Love And Let It Destroy YouAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Die WarzauSupergangbangAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
DismantledNatural SelectionAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
The ElixiristsTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
EuropeTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
ForetasteSpace EchoesAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Liam GallagherAs You WereAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
GLAMATRON!Only The Heart Beats / Chrome DreamsAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
GZRTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Heaven 17TO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Anni HoganLost SomewhereAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Hot NaturedTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Imperative ReactionTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
JonteknikTO BE CONFIRMED - cover versionsAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Juno ReactorTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
K.M.F.D.M.Hell YeahAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
KomputerTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
LadytronTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Land ObservationsTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
M2Organic - InOrganikAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Marilyn MansonTO BE CONFIRMED - Heaven Upside DownAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
MelotronTO BE CONFIRMED - Für AlleAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
MeshTO BE CONFIRMED - Gothic Meets ClassicLive Recording2017view iconbuy icon
MinistryAmeriKKKantAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
MobyTO BE CONFIRMED - Rise AboveAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Modern EnglishTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
ohGr TricksAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
ÖhmTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Primitive RaceTO BE CONFIRMED - Primitive Race IIAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
R E N D E R E DTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
The Radiophonic WorkshopTO BE CONFIRMED - improvised electronicaAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Lee Ranaldo(2)Electric TrimAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Rare FactureTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
SaftTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Savoy(1)TO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
SecuritySecurity #4Album2017view iconbuy icon
SIN.SINTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Rabia SordaTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
TOY(1)Pain Is LoveAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
U96TO BE CONFIRMED - RebootAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Valhall(1)TO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Venus Fly TrapICONAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
VibratorsPast, Present, And Into The FutureAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Vomito NegroTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Xenturion PrimeHumanity PlusAlbum2017view iconbuy icon
Kyle Dixon & Michael SteinStranger Things Volumes 1+2Soundtrack2017view iconbuy icon
<PIG>TO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2017view iconbuy icon
Analog AngelDon’t Forget To LoveSingle2017view iconbuy icon
AttritionTO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2017view iconbuy icon
EmpirionTO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2017view iconbuy icon
Laica | Joe Ahmed (split release)TO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2017view iconbuy icon
Seven TreesTrauma ToxicitySingle2017view iconbuy icon
Synthetik FormTO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2017view iconbuy icon
Xenturion PrimeTO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2017view iconbuy icon
Robert MoogElectronic Voyager: Retracing Bob Moog's Sonic JourneyDocumentary Film2017view iconbuy icon
Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream DocumentaryDocumentary Film2017view iconbuy icon
LaibachIron Sky The Coming RaceSoundtrack2018view iconbuy icon
The Radiophonic WorkshopTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Morton SubotnickSubotnick: Portrait Of An Electronic Music PioneerDocumentary Film2018view iconbuy icon
The SwansWhere Does My Body End?Documentary Film2018view iconbuy icon

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