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On This Day - 24th January

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2019 Underworld - Appleshine (Film Edit) (Download)
2019 Atom Heart - Solicited Tracks & Unreleased Material 1992-2015 (Album)
2018 Primitive Race - Cranial Matter (Lyric Version) (Music Video)
2018 Darkness On Demand - City Of The Dreamers (Version 2) (Music Video)
2017 Ludrium - Alternate Universe (Album)
2016 Metamono - Bad Bird (Single)
2016 SIN.SIN - These Pretty Things (Lyric Video) (Music Video)
2014 OST+Front - Olympia (Album)
2014 Encephalon - The Claw (Download)
2013 Psyche - Live In Malmö, Sweden 1992 (Album)
2012 Paul Haslinger - Underworld Awakening (Album)
2011 Paul Hardcastle - Desire (Album)
2007 KGC - Dirty Bomb (Album)
2006 Snog - Sixteen Easy Tunes For The End Times (Album)
2006 Ace Frehley - Greatest Hits Live (Album)
2005 The Chemical Brothers - Push The Button (Album)
2005 LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem (Album)
2005 Erasure - Nightbird (Album)
2000 Robert Görl - Final Metal Pralinées (Album)
1995 John Carpenter and Jim Lang - In The Mouth Of Madness (Album)
1994 The Balanescu Quartet - Luminitza (Album)
1994 Tricky - Aftermath (Album)
1994 The Charlatans - Can’t Get Out Of Bed (Single)
1994 Underworld - dubnobasswithmyheadman (Album)
1989 Skid Row - Skid Row (Album)
1986 Chris And Cosey - Technø Primitiv (Album)
1986 Hashim - Primrose Path (Single)


2015 Wolfgang Flür - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London, United Kingdom
1988 Depeche Mode - Brighton Centre, Brighton, United Kingdom
1988 Hard Corps - Brighton Centre, Brighton, United Kingdom
1980 999 - Eric's Club, Liverpool, United Kingdom
1977 AC/DC - Malvern Theatres, Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
1969 T Rex - Metro, Plymouth, United Kingdom


2018 Mark E. Smith


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