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Daniel Blumberg and HebronixLivAlbum14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
BTITTEFAQSoundtrack14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
Roger Limb and The BBC Radiophonic WorkshopThe Box Of DelightsSoundtrack14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkLive With The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic OrchestraLive Recording14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
Lee RanaldoElectric Trim Live At Rough Trade EastLive Recording14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
VolbeatLet's Boogie!Live Recording14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
Within TemptationResistAlbum14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
Depeche ModeSome Great Reward | The 12" SinglesLimited Selection/Best Of14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
Depeche ModeConstruction Time Again | The 12" SinglesLimited Selection/Best Of14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
The FallSet Of TenSelection/Best Of14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
AfterhereBeing SilentSingle14 December 2018view iconbuy icon
S.E.T.I.Sleep Environments For Interplanetary TravelAlbum21 December 2018view iconbuy icon
ParraloxHoliday '18Album28 December 2018view iconbuy icon
3TƎETHTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
The Anti GroupOrgan NeedlesAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Armageddon DildosTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
AttritionTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
AutodafehBerserkerAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Clock DVATO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
CRYTEKShadow VoicesAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Deadly Avenger & Si BeggYokaiAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
DestroidTO BE CONFIRMED - Find What You Love And Let It Destroy YouAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
DismantledNatural SelectionAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
EchobellyBlack Heart LullabiesSelection/Best Of2018view iconbuy icon
The ElixiristsTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
EmpirionResumeAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Kevin GodleyMuscle MemoryAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
The Grid & Robert FrippTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
GZRTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Tony HadleyTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Heaven 17TO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Hot NaturedTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Imperative ReactionTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The HeartTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
KNIGHT$TO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
KomputerTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Land ObservationsTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
M2Organic - InOrganikAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
MatarMatarAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Adi NewtonNew-TonesAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Pankow(1)Never Trust A White ManAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
ParraloxGenesisAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
PerturbatorTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Placebo EffectShattered SoulsAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
PsycheTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
PsychophysicistPsychophysicist IIAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
R E N D E R E DTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
The Radiophonic WorkshopTO BE CONFIRMED - improvised electronicaAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
RammsteinTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
SaftTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
SecuritySecurity #4Album2018view iconbuy icon
SIN.SINTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Valhall(1)TO BE CONFIRMED - remix albumAlbum2018view iconbuy icon
Killing Joke40th AnniversarySelection/Best Of2018view iconbuy icon
Prince21 Nights: Special Edition Prince OpusLimited Box Set2018view iconbuy icon
Analog AngelDon’t Forget To LoveSingle2018view iconbuy icon
AttritionTO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2018view iconbuy icon
Nicolas BougaïeffPermutation CitySingle2018view iconbuy icon
Clock DVANeoteric RMXSingle2018view iconbuy icon
Laica | Joe Ahmed (split release)TO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2018view iconbuy icon
Synthetik FormTO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2018view iconbuy icon
Xenturion PrimeTO BE CONFIRMEDSingle2018view iconbuy icon
Robert MoogElectronic Voyager: Retracing Bob Moog's Sonic JourneyDocumentary Film2018view iconbuy icon
Nash The SlashAnd You Thought You Were NormalDocumentary Film2018view iconbuy icon
Poly StyreneI Am A ClicheDocumentary Film2018view iconbuy icon
Morton SubotnickSubotnick: Portrait Of An Electronic Music PioneerDocumentary Film2018view iconbuy icon
The SwansWhere Does My Body End?Documentary Film2018view iconbuy icon
Trent Reznor & Atticus RossWatchmenSoundtrack2019view iconbuy icon
Segun AkinolaDoctor Who Series 11Soundtrack11 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Alien SkinP.O.P. POPAlbum11 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Bring Me The HorizonAmoAlbum11 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Meat Beat ManifestoPin Drop / No DesignLimited Single11 January 2019view iconbuy icon
All Hail The Silence‡ (Daggers)Album18 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Dawn Of AshesThe Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam)Album18 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Sharon Van EttenRemind Me TomorrowAlbum18 January 2019view iconbuy icon
HANTE.FIERCEAlbum18 January 2019view iconbuy icon
LUHLove Hates What You BecomeAlbum18 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Oomph!RitualAlbum18 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Papa RoachWho Do You Trust?Album18 January 2019view iconbuy icon
ThunderPlease Remain SeatedAlbum18 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Steve HackettAt The Edge Of LightAlbum25 January 2019view iconbuy icon
LMXDimension ShiftAlbum25 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Meat LoafGuilty Pleasure TourLive Recording25 January 2019view iconbuy icon
OGRE & Dallas CampbellAll Hallows' IIAlbum25 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Skunk Anansie25LIVE@25Live Recording25 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Toy(2)Happy In The HollowAlbum25 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Walter TroutSurvivor BluesAlbum25 January 2019view iconbuy icon
Acretongue Ghost NocturneAlbum1 February 2019view iconbuy icon
DieKlutePlanet FearAlbum1 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Gang Of FourHappy NowAlbum1 February 2019view iconbuy icon
The SpecialsEncoreAlbum1 February 2019view iconbuy icon
The StranglersThe MovieDocumentary FilmFebruary 2019view iconbuy icon
Front Line AssemblyWake Up The ComaAlbum8 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Trevor Horn featuring The Sarm OrchestraTrevor Horn Reimagines The EightiesAlbum8 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Mz. 412SvartmyrkrAlbum8 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Cosey Fanni TuttiTUTTIAlbum8 February 2019view iconbuy icon
BlutengelUn:GottAlbum15 February 2019view iconbuy icon
LadytronLadytronAlbum15 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Yann TiersenAllAlbum15 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Dream TheaterDistance Over TimeAlbum22 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Du BlondeLung Bread For DaddyAlbum22 February 2019view iconbuy icon
FM(2)The Italian JobLive Recording22 February 2019view iconbuy icon
John MayallNobody Told MeAlbum22 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Sleaford ModsEton AliveAlbum22 February 2019view iconbuy icon
Bryan AdamsShine A LightAlbum1 March 2019view iconbuy icon
Ian BrownRipplesAlbum1 March 2019view iconbuy icon
QueensrÿcheThe VerdictAlbum1 March 2019view iconbuy icon
Test DepartmentDisturbanceAlbum1 March 2019view iconbuy icon
The Chemical BrothersNo GeographyAlbum8 March 2019view iconbuy icon
DidoStill On My MindAlbum8 March 2019view iconbuy icon
DownloadUnknown RoomAlbum8 March 2019view iconbuy icon
David GrayGold In A Brass AgeAlbum8 March 2019view iconbuy icon
Anni HoganLost In BlueAlbum8 March 2019view iconbuy icon
Apoptygma BerzerkSDGXXVAlbum22 March 2019view iconbuy icon
Soft CellTo Show You I’ve Been There…Limited Single8 April 2019view iconbuy icon
Howard JonesTransformAlbumMay 2019view iconbuy icon
Soft CellSay Hello Wave Goodbye: The O2 LondonLive Recording24 May 2019view iconbuy icon
Soft CellSay Hello Wave Goodbye: The O2 LondonLive Recording24 May 2019view iconbuy icon
AEXTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
The ArchTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
Assemblage 23TO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
The Birthday MassacreTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
BoytronicThe Robot TreatmentAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
CovenantFieldworksAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
God ModuleThe UnsoundAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
Paul HaslingerHalt And Catch Fire Volume 2Soundtrack2019view iconbuy icon
Naked LunchTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
Pet Shop BoysTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
X Marks The PedwalkTO BE CONFIRMEDAlbum2019view iconbuy icon
BlondieThe Complete Studio Recordings 1975-1982Selection/Best Of2019view iconbuy icon
LaibachRevisitedSelection/Best Of2019view iconbuy icon
The Egyptian Lover808 Beats Volume 2Single2019view iconbuy icon
The Egyptian Lover808 Beats Volume 3Single2019view iconbuy icon
The Egyptian Lover808 Beats Volume 4Single2019view iconbuy icon
Primitive RaceCranial MatterSingle2019view iconbuy icon
LaibachIron Sky The Coming RaceSoundtrack2019view iconbuy icon

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